Sunday, October 14, 2012

Macy's Senior Session

WOW.  The wind was completely insane today!!  Talk about not your ideal day for a session!  Although the temperature was fantastic, the wind was like an annoying little kid that just won't leave you alone!!  My hair was one giant tangle by the end of the session.  But somehow, Macy's hair just kept looking better and better!  Not sure how that was even possible, but I witnessed it with my own eyes, so I know it happened!!  And yes, I know we could have always rescheduled and perhaps had a less windy day.  But then we also could have been stuck with a dark, dreary day, rain, or freezing cold temperatures.  Indiana is just so unpredictable!  So we thought it best to just go for it and see what we get.  And I think it was a good choice!  Macy and her super-wind-resistant-magic hair did just fine!!  What an adorable gal she is, this one.  A petite little model complete with poses from her own inner modeling handbook!!  Love it!!

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