Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

With the cold wind blowing and the fallen leaves crunching under our feet, we set out for a spooky walk around the neighborhood.  As we walked from one haunted front porch to the next, we saw lots of creepy Halloween sights.  We saw scary monsters, wicked witches, ghoulish goblins, thirsty vampires, glowing pumpkins, flying bats, and even a black cat.  As the sky got darker and darker, our little trick or treater seemed to get more excited, running happily past the cob webs and skeletons along the way, up to the front doors of the houses, smiling and collecting her treats at each stop.  She was so cute, talking to each person passing out candy, thanking them and wishing them a Happy Halloween!  What fun we had tonight!!

(Point and shoot camera we used tonight, inexpensive......adorable smiling face, PRICELESS!)


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