Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alison's Senior Session

This past weekend I had a really fun Senior Session with Alison.  We got off to a bumpy start (all my fault)...I had forgotten a critical piece of equipment and then we had a battery issue...(they were dead!).  But we worked all that stuff out pretty easily thanks to my hubby and Alison's mom...and then away we went on a super fun session.  Alison was so good at working it in front of the camera and she didn't seem to have any nervousness at all which made everything just fun and easy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jessie's Senior Session

My session with Jessie was definitely fun....really HOT but really FUN!!  She brought her mom along and her dad was with us for a little bit, too.  I have to say...her parents really cracked me up!!  It's pretty clear where she gets her easy going personality!  And wow was she good at just going right for it with all her posing!!  She needed VERY little direction from me at all and I was just amazed with how right on she was with some of her poses.  It was like she knew exactly how she should be in each shot and I loved it!  :)  Definitely a great gal to work with!!

Maks is getting so big!

We had a very short family session today with the Messoroch family.  The reason for the session being so short.....extreme heat and humidity!!  However, despite the sticky, unpleasant temperature we still managed to get some great shots before we called it quits.  And little Maks was a trooper.  He ran around the whole time like he didn't even notice the heat and he looked so cute doing that!!  lol  Check him out!