Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby Amelia | { Indianapolis Baby Photographer } { Brownsburg Baby Photographer }

How gorgeous is she?!  I mean just look at those eyes!!  And clearly her daddy is in a little bit of trouble because he is now outnumbered by the girls.  Her momma had brought along so many fun, girly accessories for her sitter milestone session.  And I had to laugh just thinking of all the clothes shopping trips in this dad's future!!  So funny!!  This family is sooo fun to work with!!  So glad I will get to see them again for this gal's one year session!

Her mom also wanted to play with the idea of a beach baby theme, so we did just that.  Took a lot of post processing to get here, but I think the end result is super adorable!!

Baby Grayson | { Indianapolis Baby Photographer } { Brownsburg Baby Photographer }

This adorable little guy was SO GOOD for his sitter milestone session!  He put up with lots of adorable outfits and props and never even complained!  He was just as sweet as can be!  His momma brought in a few props that had special meaning to her and we were able to capture those ideas just like she had hoped!  One of those ideas was for him to be an extra adorable little Harry Potter...and I am pretty sure he couldn't have done it any better!!  He even left those little glasses on until I was totally done with this set!  What a little trooper this one is!!

Baby Nellie | { Indianapolis Baby Photographer } { Brownsburg Baby Photographer }

Okay, here we go with the sweetness!!  This smiley little thing is just as sweet as she looks!  And so are her parents!  I am so blessed to get to meet so many great people and it's so fun to watch them growing in their new role as parents and hearing about their experiences.  By the time these new parents come in for their sitter milestone session, it's like they are pros in comparison to where they were just a few short months ago.  It's not only baby that does so much growing and changing.  And these two parents are doing such a beautiful job with their sweet babe!  And ps....look at that squishy baby!!  Gah!!!  Love!

Lucy | { Indianapolis Child Photographer } { Brownsburg Child Photographer }

This little gal definitely kept me on my toes and was all toddler, for sure!  She was very busy and didn't really feel like sitting still was nearly as fun and being on the go!  So true for three years old!  I had to work very quickly, but was able to get some adorable shots of her to mark her recently turning three.

Baby John | { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer } { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer }

This brand new little man belongs to one of my former high school senior clients!  It's so fun for me that I was able to mark that earlier milestone in her life, as she was finishing her time as a high school student.  And now, several years later, I was asked to photograph another very exciting milestone in her life....her brand new baby boy!  What an honor it was!!

Twins Abigail and Elyse | { Indianapolis Twin Newborn Photographer } { Brownsburg Twin Newborn Photographer }

What a special treat it is to get to photograph every newborn baby that comes to me.  And sometimes, it's double the treat when I get the opportunity to photograph newborn twins!  These two beautiful girls came to see me when they were just 13 days old and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with them and their excited new parents!

Baby Cole | { Indianapolis Baby Photographer } { Brownsburg Baby Photographer }

This handsome guy is six months old, and though he may be tiny in size....he is so big in personality! What a treat to get to see this sweet family again and watch this little guy showing off all the fancy new tricks that come with the sitter milestone!

Baby Theresa | { Indianapolis Baby Photographer } { Brownsburg Baby Photographer }

This beautiful baby girl is already 6 months old!  It's such a crazy thing for me to see my previous newborn clients come in for milestone sessions because, from my perspective, it feels like so little time has passed and they are already growing and changing so much!  Although, it's does happen all too quickly.  Oh how they grow!