Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hey Class of 2019 Seniors!!

Are you going to be starting your Senior year of high school this Fall?  If so, then you’re probably starting to think about all the things that go along with that...including your Senior Portraits, right?  And are you the cookie cutter type that wants the same thing as everyone else?  Or do you want to do something different...something that stands out?  If you are the latter, then I can definitely help with that!  Just shoot me a quick message and we can talk more about the details!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Farmhouse and newborn? YES, please!!

Like soooo many people, I'm a little obsessed with the farmhouse style and with HGTV's Fixer Upper.  So it was only a matter of time before I just had to give my studio a makeover.  New paint, added shiplap, and presto!  I absolutely love the clean simplicity of it and how it's not overdone.  And this sweet little newbie and his big sister were the perfect way to break it in.  How adorable are they?!?!   :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Where are they now?? Following up on "Princess Leia"

I'm sure most of you have seen this photo before.  It went viral a few years ago and is still one of my favorites!!  Sweet little "Princess Leia" grinning with all her pals from Star Wars.

Well, in case you ever wondered what happen to this beautiful little is an update!  She is now a BIG SISTER and the Star Wars theme continues.  Meet her little brother "Luke Skywalker"... (obviously, those are not their actual names).  Here he is, also hanging out with the gang from Star Wars and looking as adorable as can be!!

Talk about cute!  Look at them together!!  Clearly, the force is strong with this sweet little family!!

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

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When life gets busy, I tend not to be the best at keeping the blog updated.  However, my Facebook page showcases much more of the most recent sessions and is up to date.  It's the best place to see the latest from A.Bilger Photography | Newborns!!  Be sure to check it out!  And feel free to contact us there (or via email at with any questions you may have, or to go ahead and get a space reserved for your little one!  :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Baby Calvin | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Oh the squishy sweetness!!  How can you not want to squeeze those cheeks?!  So stinkin cute!!  And then there is big sister who is just gorgeous!!  Wow, these parents are just in trouble with these two.  No way around that!!

Baby Julia | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Having two sweet boys already, I'm sure this family had to be thrilled to be adding a little girl to the mix.  And what a cute bunch they are!  Mom was looking fantastic already, even though she had just delivered her new little gal only six days prior!  And dad was amazing at keeping the boys entertained while I was photographing baby sister.  It's always sooooo super helpful to have a dad that does a great job keeping older sibling(s) busy.  What a beautiful new family of FIVE!

Baby Noah | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

I always look forward to my Fall sessions for the simple fact that I LOVE Fall and because I have two fall babies of my own.  These parents were totally up for using some pumpkins to add a little seasonal fun to their session.  And I am in love with the result!  It didn't hurt at all that this little guy was a dream to sweet and squishy and adorable!!  Love it!

Baby Amelia | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

Can't believe it's already been a year for this little babe!  She and her parents are so much fun at every session and this one was no exception!  You can tell she is crazy about her mommy and daddy, too, because it takes a little trickery sometimes to get her to take her eyes off them and look at the camera!  And both of mom and dad are equally crazy about her!  I often think it would be fun to install a video camera that captures the parents working behind me to get expressions.  These two would be hilarious to watch!!  They are so fun!

(Images coming soon!)

Baby Cole | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

It's always fun getting to see babies again after their newborn session.  This little guy came for his third session today...his one year session.  And what a cutie pie!  He was such a little peanut as a newborn and now to get to see how much he has grown over the last year has been fun!  His parents are doing such a great job with this little man!

(Images coming soon!)

Baby Elyse and Baby Abigail | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

This session was so fun!  Twins are always fun, first of all.  But these two little gals are so far ahead of where I expected them to be at six months.  They are wasting no time hitting milestones and must be keeping mom and dad really busy all the time!  And I find it so adorable how they hold onto each other!  They weren't posed that was all them!

Baby Nellie | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

Another adorable little cake smasher was in to see me today!!  This little gal is so sweet and funny.  And you can tell that she is developing such a great, fun personality already.  Her parents are both super sweet and easy going, so it's clear that she is just like them.  :)

(Images coming soon!)

Baby Charlie | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Welcome to the world, Charlie!  What an adorable little newbie he is!  I loved all his dark hair and those squishy little rolls.  And let's not forget the cheeks!!  Those ALWAYS get me....maybe because both my own babes had giant chunky cheeks.  Too cute!

Baby Buster and Baby Kasper | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

This session was double the cuteness with these two handsome little ones!!  They weren't sure if it was fun for them, but it was fun for me!  It's always fun to watch how each baby reacts when you put a cake in front of them.  And this was no exception.  So interesting to watch how they each explore that differently and what catches their interest.

(Images coming soon!)

Baby Grayson | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

I have had so much fun getting to photograph this little guy during his first year!  Such a cutie!!  And his parents are always so excited for picture day, which makes it even more fun!  Now they just need to go ahead and work on having another so we can do the first year stuff all over again!  :)

(Images coming soon!)

Baby Georgia | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Meet beautiful miss Georgia.  What a doll baby!!  What a fun session it was with her and her mommies.  And actually, one of her mamas happens to be the daughter of a former co-worker of mine, so that was a fun little tidbit for me.  And can I just go ahead and state the obvious...LASHES!!