Monday, November 18, 2013

Baby Lilly | {Brownsburg & Indianapolis Newborn Photographer}

Amazing!  That's all I can say!  This sweet little ladybug is obviously beautiful, as you can see.  But what you can't see from this photo is the fact that I was also able to be present to photograph her delivery.  She is the second baby I have watched come into the world, the first being my own.  It was an absolute honor and privilege to be able to photograph her delivery and then her newborn portrait session.  Her Mommy is actually the gestational surrogate that carried my daughter, so it was extra special to be part of their whole experience again.  Their family has a very special place in my heart, for sure.  At just 5 days old here, little miss Lilly is soft and snuggly.  And besides being a beautiful baby, she was so well behaved, also!  Only one minor little accident during her session.  The rest of the time she spent happily snoozing away, with several breaks to nurse, of course.  A girl's gotta eat!  :)  I really wanted to keep her for a while after her session, just to sit and hold her and watch her sleeping, but I know her parents would have missed her dearly.  Can't say that I blame them...look at her sweet little face!!

Could not choose between Black & White and Color!!  

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Erin & Kyle ~ Couples Session

I usually kind of secretly dread having photo sessions outdoors once we get into November.  Typically, it's getting pretty chilly out, it's looking dreary and gloomy, the ground is a little muddy, most of the pretty leaves have fallen, and it's feeling like Fall is over.  Yesterday, however, was a totally different story!!  Although we are more than a week into November, that didn't matter one bit for Erin and Kyle's session.  We got very lucky and had an absolutely beautiful day!!  This year's Fall colors seem to be extra vibrant and we were fortunate enough that there were still lots of leaves on the trees and it was only a bit chilly with the wind, but nothing too cold.  And this couple couldn't have been any cuter if they tried.  I'm sure Kyle probably wasn't totally enthused about having pictures, as is true for most guys it seems.  But he was a super good sport about the whole thing and he put up with me dragging them from one place to the next.  If he's that easy to get along with at home, then he's a keeper.  And Erin was really fun, laughing and smiling a lot, definitely an outgoing gal....she seemed so laid back and up for anything!  Just from the time I spent with them, they look like a great match and it's very easy to see that they have a good time together!  :)  Check out their Sneak Peek!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Messoroch Family Session

Nothing like gorgeous Fall leaves to make the perfect backdrop on a brisk November day!  I am not sure if it is the case, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this was the peak weekend for colorful leaves.  What a beautiful sight!  I was glad to have a fun family to photograph on this backdrop.  This Mom is a good friend of mine from college and it's always fun to get to see her and her cute little family.  They are very blessed and excited to be adding another little bundle to the mix, as they are expecting a baby in April.  I am so happy for them!!

Here is a Sneak Peek!!
(More photos coming soon!)

Kara's Senior Session

Ha!!  When I think of Kara's session, I can't help but smile and laugh.  Her session was originally scheduled for a Saturday morning/afternoon.  We headed out to get the fun started and found ourselves at our first location.  My lovely model, Kara, looked gorgeous and her hair was straight out of a magazine.  Everything was going great for about the first ten minutes and then.....rain!  And I am not talking about a light drizzle....oh no.  I am referring to a pouring-buckets-drench-you-to-the-bone-soak-you-completely-from-head-to-toe-in-roughly-9-seconds kind of rain!!  And there was almost no time to run for cover!!  It came on so quickly that there was no avoiding it.  We had to grab our stuff and get out of there!!  And sweet Kara immediately went over and grabbed my camera bag, trying to help us out, and I looked at her and said, "Save the hair!!" so that she would run as fast as she could to her car!  And I grabbed the bag and ran like crazy to the car!  The reason it makes me laugh is that I keep picturing my assistant (my lovely mom) running for cover along side me and then trying frantically to get her light stand down and in the back of my car.  I had opened the hatch and unlocked the doors remotely while we were running.  Since I had my camera in hand, I jumped as quickly as I could into the front seat to avoid having it ruined by the rain.  That's when I realized that my mom was struggling to get her gear in and I turned around in my seat to see her getting more and more soaked by the second.  And for some reason, all I could do was laugh....hysterically!!  I couldn't stop!!  I laughed until I was almost crying.  And despite being stuck in the rain, my mom was laughing, too!!  Fortunately, we had conveniently brought along a couple of towels in preparation for the anticipated "trash the dress" portion of the session.  Needless to say, Kara's session was postponed and rescheduled for the following Tuesday.  After all that, it actually seemed to turn out for the best though, because the second session day ended up being absolutely beautiful and Kara totally rocked her session!!  Check her out!!

Here is the Sneak Peek!!
This is from the first day, just before the downpour!

And then this one is from our second day....beautiful!