Sunday, November 10, 2013

Erin & Kyle ~ Couples Session

I usually kind of secretly dread having photo sessions outdoors once we get into November.  Typically, it's getting pretty chilly out, it's looking dreary and gloomy, the ground is a little muddy, most of the pretty leaves have fallen, and it's feeling like Fall is over.  Yesterday, however, was a totally different story!!  Although we are more than a week into November, that didn't matter one bit for Erin and Kyle's session.  We got very lucky and had an absolutely beautiful day!!  This year's Fall colors seem to be extra vibrant and we were fortunate enough that there were still lots of leaves on the trees and it was only a bit chilly with the wind, but nothing too cold.  And this couple couldn't have been any cuter if they tried.  I'm sure Kyle probably wasn't totally enthused about having pictures, as is true for most guys it seems.  But he was a super good sport about the whole thing and he put up with me dragging them from one place to the next.  If he's that easy to get along with at home, then he's a keeper.  And Erin was really fun, laughing and smiling a lot, definitely an outgoing gal....she seemed so laid back and up for anything!  Just from the time I spent with them, they look like a great match and it's very easy to see that they have a good time together!  :)  Check out their Sneak Peek!

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