Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tom & Kathy came back!

Well, they came back!! After a year or so of enjoying the portraits from our last session, Tom & Kathy gathered up their family again for new portraits. And this year they had a couple of new members as they have since married off one daughter and the other is newly engaged! Congratulations on all the changes that have happened in the last year!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Zack is here!

I met Kristen several years ago and we have been great friends ever since. Her husband Bill is wonderful and they recently had a new addition to their happy little family. Zackery Jeremiah was born July 30 and he is so precious!! These are a few photos of Kristen (maternity), the new baby, and new family! Congrats you guys!!

Andrew's Senior Session

Andrew was definitely a little shy and nervous when we started his session. But boy it didn't take very long before he transformed from shy guy to teenage supermodel! Talk about needing NO direction at all! Here are a few photos from his session. If only more guys liked having their picture taken as much as Andrew!! :)

Lauren's Senior Session

Okay ladies, now THIS is a low-maintenance gal! She was up for absolutely anything and didn't have any trouble getting comfy in front of the camera! She was definitely a blast to work with...too bad we can't have a Senior Session with her every year! Congrats Lauren!

Brian & Jeannette

Brian has been a friend of my husband's for a very long time. And being the smooth operator that he is, Brian planned for a portrait session for him and his girlfriend (who lives out of state) so that they would have some photos of the two of them together. Brian is a lucky guy because Jeannette is a really great gal! What a sweet couple!

Howard Family Portraits

Kelly and Dave have been friends of mine since college, so when they asked me to do some family portraits for them I was very excited! They have two adorable kids who loved being in front of the camera. We also included their parents, siblings, and grandparents. What a beautiful family!!

Kyle's Senior Session

When I found out who Kyle's parents were, I knew he would be fun! I had worked for them when I was a teenager and loved that job! My boss, Kyle's dad, was so easy to work for and he made the job really fun by being a little goofy sometimes! And Kyle was just as silly and fun as his dad!

Travis "The Hitman" Loveless

Travis has been a friend for many, many years. When I needed to update my photos with new faces, I recruited him for obvious reasons!! He's a hottie! Plus he's a professional boxer (currently undefeated!) so that was something different for me. Travis is really fun to be around because he's always laughing and joking.

Zach's Senior Session

Zach is one of those people that can have fun doing anything. I haven't known him long, but I can bet that he's that guy in class that cracks everyone up from time to time! He sure had us laughing! Love his sense of humor!!