Saturday, April 6, 2013

Emily's Senior Session

Being that this afternoon was forecast to be one of the warmest of the year thus far, I completely expected it to be that way.  But given the fact that we got a relatively early start at 10am today, that did not exactly happen until toward the end of our session.  However, despite the cold, windy conditions early on, we pushed on through and made it happen.  And that was much easier having Emily as my subject today!  Talk about energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.  This gal had it all!  She was really great at just jumping right in at each location and feeling out some fantastic poses for herself.  It was almost like she was on auto-pilot!  I absolutely loved her outgoing personality and her willingness to dive into each place, dirt and all!!  And the fact that she was completely gorgeous didn't hurt!  Check her out!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My girl is getting so big!

We recently hit a huge milestone with our baby girl....she is now potty trained!!  The days of diapers are over for her now and it doesn't seem possible that she is getting so big.  To reward her and celebrate her success with the potty training, we ordered her a "big girl cake."  She was so excited to see it and taste it.  And she is definitely proud of her accomplishment, as she tells us often now that diapers are for babies and she is a big girl.  I kind of dread the day she learns to tie her shoes because then she won't need her mommy anymore!  So hard to let my little girl grow up!

She's baaaack! :)

Meet Ariel....again!  :)  This gorgeous gal was actually my first official high school senior that wasn't a relative or the friend of a relative.  As a photographer, in the beginning, I worried about not getting enough good images.  I didn't have the confidence, then, to rely on my knowledge and skill, and I frequently doubted myself.  Because of that, I would shoot....and shoot....and shoot.  I think Ariel's high school senior session was about 7 hours long and I'm not even exaggerating!  And luckily for me, she just rolled with it and looked stunning the entire time.  We ended up with amazing images of her and I have always thought that she is partly to thank for my success since then.  People saw the photos of her and contacted me for their sessions.  And now we fast forward to the present and she is graduating again, this time from college.  When she contacted me for senior portraits again, it was unexpected, but definitely a good surprise!  Our session was not 7 hours long this time, not even close!  But in true Ariel fashion, she looked as stunning as ever!  Congratulations, Ariel!!  Wishing you all the best in whatever lies ahead of you!!  :)