Saturday, April 6, 2013

Emily's Senior Session

Being that this afternoon was forecast to be one of the warmest of the year thus far, I completely expected it to be that way.  But given the fact that we got a relatively early start at 10am today, that did not exactly happen until toward the end of our session.  However, despite the cold, windy conditions early on, we pushed on through and made it happen.  And that was much easier having Emily as my subject today!  Talk about energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.  This gal had it all!  She was really great at just jumping right in at each location and feeling out some fantastic poses for herself.  It was almost like she was on auto-pilot!  I absolutely loved her outgoing personality and her willingness to dive into each place, dirt and all!!  And the fact that she was completely gorgeous didn't hurt!  Check her out!

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