Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby girl is getting so big!

It is just an amazing thing to watch your baby grow.  Until becoming a mother myself, I had no idea just how incredible the first year of life really is....and being able to watch it unfold right before your eyes is something you just can't understand until you become a parent.  Our little one is a little over five months old now and she is such a blessing in our lives.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chelsea's Senior Spokesmodel session

Okay, so I did not expect it to be THIS cold at the end of March...but it was freezing cold and windy today!  Despite the less than desirable conditions though, this session was awesome!!  Chelsea is one of our 2012 Senior Spokesmodels and I am so glad!!  She was pretty quiet and a little nervous at the beginning, but she brought her friend along and she helped Chelsea relax and let loose.  And boy did it work!!  Chelsea looks AMAZING in her portraits...very model-y!! Apparently I'm gonna get all the gals with pretty eyes this year because she also has gorgeous eyes...and the longest lashes ever!  We all had so much fun!!  Sessions like this are my absolute favorite!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Riley's Senior Spokesmodel session

This year we decided to limit our Spokesmodel spots to just five....and Riley is one of those five.  And after today's session, I definitely think she has the "model" part down!!  She has gorgeous green eyes and it seems like every time she moves it's another pose!  She was so easy to work with that I just kept shooting and shooting for hours!!!  Hopefully she wasn't starving to death when she finally got home!  LOL  I am sure that Riley is going to do a fantastic job representing A.Bilger photography and I hope she'll be sending lots of her friends to us!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aspen's Senior Session

Woohoo!!  My long winter hibernation is over!!  Spring is just around the corner and my calendar is buzzing with Senior sessions!  I always enjoy the winter and all the time I have to relax...but toward the end of it I'm always anxious to get back to work!  And what a way to kick off the year!!  First of all, Aspen has fantastic style!!  I just loved her great haircut and her blue eyes are insane.  Add to that her ability to just work it and you have a REALLY fun session!  Her portraits are amazing!