Sunday, January 30, 2011

Has it been 3 months already??

It's just amazing how quickly babies grow and change in the first weeks and months of life.  Our sweet little girl seems to change by the minute some days, always exploring the world around her and learning something new.  She's definitely picking up on our daily routines, which includes her nightly bath, book, and bottle.  She was looking particularly cute the other night while she was waiting to get in the bath so I had to snap a photo!  She has the most adorable little dimple!  :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a precious moment!!

The sweetest sound on earth, at least in my opinion, is the sound of a baby laughing.  And my husband and I have been so excited the last couple of days since our sweet little baby girl finally shared her very first laugh with us!  And of course we have been trying since then to get her to do it again....well today I got lucky and she laughed at me when I was making noises by blowing on her feet.  I was quick to grab the video camera and snag a few seconds of that precious sound!!

(I wish the camera had been more centered but I was holding it myself and still playing with her so I'm lucky she's even on the screen!  LOL)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last session of 2010

I was a little sad to see the year end since it was full of such wonderful things for my family and me.  I did get to have one more fun session right before the year ended.  I was asked to do some family portraits for an old friend of mine that would also include her in-laws who came from Germany for the holidays.  So it was fun (and a little challenging) to get the shots figured out since her in-laws don't speak any English.  :)  Despite that, we still got a ton of great shots!!  Now the challenge is for me to see if I can get them processed and delivered before they leave from Germany in a few days!  We'll see...!!!