Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby Vivian | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

What can I say about this little gal?  No matter how I describe her, it won't really be an accurate measure of how adorable she is in person.  Yes, she is adorable in photos, clearly.  But this tiny person exudes so much happiness that it's just contagious from the moment she arrives!  I have never photographed a one year old that was easier to get a smile from....and that's because all she did was smile!!  She flashes her big smile, showing off the teeth she has so far....and she lights up those big, sparkly baby blues and...that's it.  Session done!  And let's not forget, that as a newborn one of her images suddenly went viral on BuzzFeed (she was a tiny Princess Leia).  So how fun that for her one year session, she returned as Princess Leia for one of our setups, only this time she was having a tea party with her little Star Wars pals (and notice they are all dressed up).  Seriously??  How cute is THAT!?!  Love it.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Baby Paisley | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

All these adorable babies make it hard not to want another newborn of my own!!  They just grow too fast and this sweet, tiny newbie phase doesn't last long enough!  lol  This little gal was another dream baby....she was sweet and sleepy and delightful. Her daddy is into hunting, so they brought along some things to add to her session and we worked those into a couple of her setups. She was so calm and comfy that I even got some shots of her eyes wide open and looking right at me!

Baby Ellie | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Another ADORABLE baby girl!!  And this girl has lips that would make Angelina Jolie jealous!!  She is just gorgeous!  Her mama brought along the sweet little mermaid outfit and I really love the end result of that setup!  And we also added a shot with her big brother, which was a bit challenging, as he was the typical busy little toddler, but after a bit of coaxing, we managed to get a really cute shot of them!

Baby Presley | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Brace yourself for the baby fever that will surely happen if you look at this baby girl!  Talk about adorable....oh geez!!  She is such a doll!!  Her parents brought her in for her newborn session at just 7 days old and she was a complete delight to photograph!!  UH!!! If only I could have just kept her all day, although then I would be stuck with a million adorable pictures and they would all be keepers!  lol  But seriously, it doesn't get much cuter than this!

Baby Eli | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

This handsome little man belongs to one of my best friends.  He is just 8 days old here and was just so super sweet.  He was a bit of a sensitive little sleeper, but I didn't mind because that just meant I had to spend a bit more time holding him and everyone that knows me knows that I just can't stand holding a sweet little babe!  lol  Yeah, I didn't mind the extra snuggles at all!  Just love this little cutie!

Baby Clark | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Look at this CUTENESS!!!!  This little guy was just so darn cute it was hard not to steal him!  Actually, this whole family was pretty gorgeous.  Meet Clark.  Sleeping baby and tiny super hero, all in one!  We even added his little Superman toy in a shot, just for his daddy.  And I can't even tell you how much I love the sibling shot of him with his big brother.  Definitely one of my all time favorite sibling shots.  It's just so rough when a family this photogenic comes in for portraits.  Makes my job so tough.  ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baby Ana | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

Happy 1st Birthday to this little babe!  Her mommy had decided she wanted to do a Cinderella theme, so she brought lots of things to use for her session.  And she seemed to love all of it!  lol  And we also included big brother for a cute sibling shot.  

Baby Norah | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

Gah!!  Too cute!!  This stunning baby girl was one of my newborns about a year ago.  She was born with this amazing red hair and I was obsessed!!  And then she came back for her one year session and she was TOO adorable!!  And yes, I was still obsessed with her gorgeous red hair!  What a cutie pie she is!  And it was fun just watching her trying to decide what to do with that cake!  haha!