Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baby Vivian | { Brownsburg Baby Photographer } { Indianapolis Baby Photographer }

What can I say about this little gal?  No matter how I describe her, it won't really be an accurate measure of how adorable she is in person.  Yes, she is adorable in photos, clearly.  But this tiny person exudes so much happiness that it's just contagious from the moment she arrives!  I have never photographed a one year old that was easier to get a smile from....and that's because all she did was smile!!  She flashes her big smile, showing off the teeth she has so far....and she lights up those big, sparkly baby blues and...that's it.  Session done!  And let's not forget, that as a newborn one of her images suddenly went viral on BuzzFeed (she was a tiny Princess Leia).  So how fun that for her one year session, she returned as Princess Leia for one of our setups, only this time she was having a tea party with her little Star Wars pals (and notice they are all dressed up).  Seriously??  How cute is THAT!?!  Love it.

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