Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So sad that our vacation is over!!

We were excited to be able to go to Florida again for our vacation this year.  Our daughter LOVES the water....she would have spent the entire week either in the ocean or the pool if she could!  And then again, the sand is also a favorite option of hers!  Basically, she's a total beach baby and it's a shame that we don't live closer to the coast.  But, alas, we have no plans to move anytime soon, so we have to just appreciate being able to enjoy it once a year.  Every time we go, we make an attempt to get some quick family "selfies" on the beach.  This year's attempt involved the usual running back and forth to beat the camera's self timer, while this time using our cooler as the tripod.  The results are never as sharp or technically correct as they would be for an actual client session, but we are always happy to have them anyway!!  Love being able to look back at them!  Here is our family shot and also a shot my hubby caught of me and the little!  :)

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