Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby Kason | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Today's little babe was such a sweet little thing.  She was sound asleep when they arrived, so we went with it and started right in on her newborn portrait session.  And after a bit of baby modeling, she decided she was hungry.  And with some effort, she managed to get back to sleep for some more gorgeous photo opportunities.  But as the session went on, she started to become a little more alert and a bit more difficult to keep sleeping. So we opted to go ahead and try for some parent/family portraits, since we had done several setups already.  But mom and dad also had a cold bug, so they weren't feeling the best.  That combined with little Kason being more and more awake made it evident that we had to wrap it up.  I didn't want to push baby or parents.  And even if this photo had been the only one I had gotten, I would actually still be happy because she looks so sweet and precious.  Fortunately, this is not the only one!  But it's definitely beautiful!!  :)

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