Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cami - Class of 2015 | {Brownsburg Senior Photographer} {Indianapolis Senior Photographer}

I had a great time today with this lovely high school senior!  I did Senior Portraits for both of her older sisters, so I was excited to get to photograph her, too, since she is last one to be graduating in their family.  It's been fun getting to go through the process with each of them.  And each has been just gorgeous, inside and out.  Cami is a dancer and has been dancing since she was a toddler.  She also loves acting and actually went straight to an audition right after our session!  She is happy and friendly, sweet and's refreshing to see that there are still gals like her coming out of high school.  Having a daughter myself, I worry about how hard school is for kids these days, especially with the whole "mean girl" thing.  But girls like Cami give me lots of reassurance that it's still possible to turn out great, despite all the yuck in the world.  And I don't want to forget to say congratulations to her mom, as well, for raising three beautiful girls into three amazing adults!!

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