Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quentin's Senior Session

So much fun!!  Quentin's Senior session rocked!!  (literally!)  I knew he wanted to include his guitar in his session and I was, of course, on board with that idea.  His mom had even mentioned his "studio" when we talked on the phone.  However, I was not expecting it to be nearly as cool as it was!!  This guy has a ton of guitars and equipment, much of which he built himself!  And he is really talented!  He plays multiple instruments and even writes some of his own music!  I was very impressed!  And anytime I have a session with a Senior guy, I always expect that they will be a little less interested than the ladies are.  But Quentin did a great job of staying involved and interested, and I'm thinking it's because he is a fellow artistic, creative thinker.  And I really enjoyed his mom and sister coming along with us....they really reminded me of how my mom and I are together.  What a great family!!

Here is the Sneak Peek!!
(More photos coming soon!)

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