Thursday, October 24, 2013

Isaac's Senior Session

I feel blessed and lucky to have been able to work with this family again.  Isaac is the third (and final) member of their family to be graduating from high school.  I did senior portraits for both of his older sisters, and now it was finally his turn.  I actually attribute much of my early success to his older sister because they were my very first, real paying customer that wasn't either related to me or a friend of the family.  She was fantastic to work with and her portraits were stunning, which lead others to come to me.  And then I was excited to work with their younger daughter, a couple years later.  She, too, did such a fantastic job and her portraits were gorgeous.  Both of their sessions were so fun and we laughed a LOT!  Now, five years after I started working with them, their family stuck with me and I was able to finish out their high school graduates with Isaac's session.  And much like his sisters before him, he was really great to work with and we had a blast on his session.  And it's no mystery that good genes run in the family, as they all look amazing and are wonderfully photogenic!!  His sisters and his mom all came along with him, so of course there was no shortage of laughs!!  And Isaac and his family are very close, so they were able to bring the real, genuine smiles out of him with ease.  I just love their family!!  Most definitely three of my very favorite sessions ever have come from this one fabulous family.  :)
Here is the Sneak Peek!!
(More photos coming soon!)

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