Thursday, October 24, 2013

Olivia's 3rd Birthday party....bring on the costumes! :)

Being an October baby means that when birthday time rolls around, there is no shortage of Halloween things everywhere you go.  This year, rather than come up with a theme, we just decided to go with the season's festivities and have a Halloween costume party, complete with a spooky, haunted castle!!  My mom and I took the castle that we had made for her princess party last year and we gave it a creepy face lift, complete with black flowers in the window boxes, silhouettes of mice running around, and a giant spider and web hanging overhead.  Olivia wanted to dress up as Rapunzel, so we found her a beautiful little Rapunzel dress.  Her daddy and I dressed up as the main characters from the movie "Wreck It Ralph."  It was really fun seeing all the costumes that our guests wore.  I was not a very good photographer that day because I didn't take very many pictures, and even missed some people entirely!  That always seems to happen when it's an event that I'm hosting!  Anyhow, here are a few quick snapshots from her birthday party!

The castle last year and the Halloween makeover for this year!

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