Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Day!!

Well, the new year has definitely started out with a bang!  A big, freezing cold, fluffy white bang!!  When the snow started falling, it was coming down fast and we quickly had 8-10" of the white stuff to play with.  And so, naturally, outside we went!!  We wanted to enjoy it before it got too cold to be outdoors.  So we spent a couple hours outside having really fun family time in the snow.  We built a snowman first, then a snow fort underneath the swing set.  And then we had a quick snowball fight.  Lastly, it was time to watch Olivia sledding down our driveway.  All in all, it was a snow day well spent!!  I even managed to get a couple of photos before my camera got too wet with snow.  Happy Snow Day everyone!!  :)

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