Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby Ellis | {Brownsburg & Indianapolis Newborn Photographer}

Today I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little gal and her two lovely parents, who were sent to me by a good friend of mine.  This little beauty's name is Ellis and today marks just 7 days since she took her first breath.  Talk about a sweetie pie!  Ellis was actually as sweet as she looks!  She was so calm and quiet for her whole newborn portrait session.  She even spent a long time trying her best to keep her pretty eyes open, and even then she still didn't get fussy.  I could definitely tell that she is a girl that likes lots of hands on attention, as she seemed to sleep most soundly for me while I was holding her head in my hand.  And as much as I would have been happy to hold her little head the whole time, that doesn't allow for very easy picture taking!!  And I'm sure mommy and daddy would prefer photos without my hands in them!  Haha!!  She is going to be a little snuggler, that's for sure!  Very sweet!

(I'm so glad I bought this gray blanket at IKEA!  It seems to be popular in my sessions and I love it!)

I always think it's so fun to see the before and after images, so I figured I'd share this one!  You can see how important it is to try and get it right in camera.  Then you don't have much work to do, as with this image.  A quick change to the tint, removed mom's hand, and 'Voila!'...the finished image!

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