Sunday, August 26, 2012

I finally meet little Avery!

I got the pleasure of meeting and photographing little miss Avery yesterday!  She is about 6 months old now and is the daughter of a long time family friend and his lovely wife.  I have actually known Avery's dad for what seems like forever.  He has been one of my younger brother's best friends for about as long as I can remember (and to this day denies being my brother's accomplice in stealing, almost destroying, and then ditching my car as a teenager!!)  And it was very strange for me to see him in daddy mode, but it looks like he has filled that role perfectly!  He was great at soothing Avery when she was getting fussy.  And little miss Avery is a beautiful little mix of her mommy & daddy.  I love her chubby little cheeks and her great big eyes!!  And her mommy had picked out some really adorable things for her to bring along, as you can see!  She was a little trooper during her session.  I don't think she was too happy about how hot it was outside and she let us know a few times!  :)  But she really did a great job overall and lasted for a long time.  Congratulations on your little beauty!!


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