Sunday, October 23, 2011

Her 1st Birthday party!

As hard as it is for me to believe, Olivia's first birthday party has come and gone!  It's definitely bittersweet for me because, of course, I love seeing her grow and learn and become her own tiny person....but at the same time, I want to keep her my little baby girl forever.  I had worried a bit that she might shy away from all the people and that she might not enjoy her day or let others enjoy her.  But thankfully that was not the case!  Olivia was shy for about 5 minutes and then after that she was just excited.....excited about the balloons....excited about the other children....excited about talking to people and waving to them....excited about her new toys.....and did I mention excited about the balloons?  lol  I was such a proud mommy today.  I am always proud of everything she does, but today she just really blew me away.  She's so little and yet her personality can fill a room and she is just so smart and funny and perfect.  Okay, I'm gushing over my kid.  I'll stop.  But not before I say one more thing to the person who made this day a possibility for us.  To our sweet and wonderful Chey, our surry and our very own angel...thank you so much for making the most amazing choice to help us become our own little family.   Seems like such a short time ago when we were so anxious to see that positive pregnancy test...and now here we are watching our sweet little miracle baby celebrating her first birthday.  What an absolutely amazing journey it's been.  Okay, enough with the mushy stuff....check out her birthday cake!!  We had an owl theme and her cake was an extra adorable owl sitting on its nest.  LOVE!!!!

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