Monday, November 10, 2014

Baby Violet | { Brownsburg Newborn Photographer } { Indianapolis Newborn Photographer }

Oh my may just explode any minute now.  This sweet little face belongs to me!!  Meet the newest tiny (not so tiny) addition to our family.  This gorgeous little gal is miss Violet Emerson and she was 8 lbs 9 oz of squishy perfection at birth.  And as you can see, she hasn't missed a meal since then!  :)  We are sooooo blessed and excited to finally have her in our arms.  She is VERY brand new at just two days old here.  And this is a perfect example of why it's important to get newborn portraits done as early as possible.  This setup took about five minutes or less because she is so new and is still sleeping like a little log.  I am so in love with her and so is her daddy and her big sister.  What a sweet little babe she is.  Oh, and this pot that she is sitting in belonged to my beloved grandma.  She made her amazing homemade noodles in it every year for Thanksgiving.  I photographed my oldest in it when she was born so I definitely wanted to be sure and photograph our newest little addition in it, as well.  And I LOVE how it turned out.

And here she is again at 6 days's amazing to me how much she has changed since I first saw her.  She is so beautiful and I am so in love.

And here is another at one week old.  Our oldest just turned four and she is already the world's best big sister.  :)

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