Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Baby Addilyn | {Brownsburg & Indianapolis Newborn Photographer}

Oh. My. Goodness.  This little ladybug was a delight today at her newborn portrait session!!  Little Addi was letting me snap gorgeous photos of her, literally, within about ten minutes of arriving!  She didn't waste anytime doing all those silly baby things like crying or fussing or eating!  LOL  She just got right to it!  Addi actually came into the world five weeks early and has apparently been working on her modeling poses since that day, because she was fantastic!  And to think she wasn't even due to be here until later this month, and here she is at just 17 days old just posing away for me!  While she was a very good girl the entire time, I will say that she earned herself a new nickname.  I was calling her the smile ninja because she was so sneaky...smiling a LOT...but almost always when I was not ready.  Very tricky, this one!!   Haha!  And, on top of all her fabulous modeling, I also got to use the new flooring my mom made for me, along with my new basket.  I am in LOOOVE with the look of this session!  This is definitely my style, for sure!

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