Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Evan | {Brownsburg & Indianapolis Newborn Photographer}

What a blissfully sound sleeper this adorable little guy was today!!  And actually, for a little guy he is really not so little.  He was 9lbs, 6oz of 100% pure, sleepy, squishy baby cuteness!!  ANNND.... something my fellow photogs can appreciate....this lil' man slept the ENTIRE time with no breaks and never had a single potty accident.  Ever since shooting my first newborn portrait session, I have basically been telling my clients that it's pretty impossible to have an accident free session, because I wanted them to know that it's okay when that happens.  It always happens.  It's kind of a given with a naked newborn!!  But now that this little guy came along and behaved like quite the little gentleman, I feel like a big old liar pants!  Apparently, once in a blue moon, there might come along a baby that doesn't make at least a little dirty laundry for me!!  And with that, folks, I've pretty much seen it all!!  By the way, did you see those precious little lips and that amazing head of hair?  It's just too much to take!  :)

Love this shot with big brother!!  So sweet!

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